Far out, you are so sexy in your own crazy unique way. Embrace those curves, that wild hair. Start to journey through seasons of life with unrelentless passion and discover your style. Do you like the dress tied at the waist to boast the hourglass, or loose and free? Buttoned up, or alluringly unbuttoned to the depths of the décolletage. You know what, I’ve never apologized for leaving my shirt unbuttoned; slit an inch shorter or dress cling to my blessed derriere. Love it. Love you.

Made in Tamaki Makaurau, Aotearoa. Auckland, New Zealand. Utilizing the world-class local fabric wholesalers, pattern makers and manufacturers we didn’t hesitate to support from the beginning. We strive to use high quality organic fabrics when available. Every garment is ethically produced; people should be valued and respected in their trade.

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